Saturday, June 7, 2014

It is time!

So after doing photography for just a few select people I decided it was time to it as a business as I hoped to do 5 years ago.  The kiddos are big enough that I am comfortable leaving them with a few people while I capture memories for some awesome clients.  Check it out!  Make sure to like my facebook page while you are there to show me some love!
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Monday, November 4, 2013

12 year anniversary

Peter and Kelly came out to visit us last month to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary!  I was thrilled to hear they wanted some updated pictures of the two of them.  It's only been a little while since their last photo session of the two of them... well, like 12 years!  I was hoping for fall leaves and sunshine when we went to Whitefish but we got rain and clouds.  I think the pictures turned out great though and it actually fits their decor better.  Hope you had a great time Peter and Kelly... hopefully you will come visit us again!

Friday, November 1, 2013

3 years old!

I have been taking pictures of these girls since they were in their mamas belly.  Ella is now 3... wow time flies!  I love watching them grow up and their personalities come out!  This time we had to find some "magic" spots so I could take some pictures because Ella did not want her picture taken!  We got some great pictures in those magic spots though!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Party

A friend had a pumpkin carving party.  She had lots of fun things for the kids to do.  They had raked all the leaves into a pile and hid toys, tattoos and candy in it for the kids to find.  It was pretty awesome.

 They even hung pumpkin donuts from a stick that you had to eat without using your hands!
 Here are the pumpkins... Mike (the green one) is Ethan's, Sully (to the right of it) is Mark's, and Boo (the tiny one next to that) was Morgan's and mine.  

 Erika said "I want you to take my picture standing on the rock."  Ok you got it girl!
 Ethan was amazed with the awards he got for the pumpkin carving

 Charlie was loving throwing leaves at other kids.  Looks like he had a little runny nose that got some leaves stuck to it though!
Charlie is one funny kid.  He was jumping off the couch and we were trying to get Ethan to do it.  He didn't want to.  So the next day Mark said hey Ethan lets jump off the couch like Charlie.  Ethan responded with "no that's not a good idea daddy!"  

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our babies

Love these two... and the beautiful location I found!

Monday, October 21, 2013


Ethan has the best friendship with a girl named Erika.  They are so stinking cute together.  They go to church together and preschool so they end up seeing each other at least 4 times a week.  I just had to do a little photo shoot of the two of them!  Erika has two beautiful sisters two so I thought I might as well grab some photos of them too.  These 3 girls are amazing.  I love how well they get along, listen to their mom and how they treat others.  They are so sweet to my kids.  Now I am not excited about my children getting older and married but if I could arrange their marriages I would be setting Ethan up with Erika.  Funny thing is is that I said this to Mark a few weeks ago and then this week her mom said the same thing to me!  Love them all!

It started off with sitting in the barn and Erika's mom telling her to give Ethan a kiss on the cheek.  Ethan decided to turn his head and get her smack on the lips!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Morgan's 1!

Morgan turned one on August 16th!  It's so crazy how time flies!  She is so crazy cute and is so fun!  Her and Ethan are so cute together (for the most part ;)  They hug and like to hang out together and well... torture each other too!  They wouldn't be siblings if they didn't do that last part!  We had a little birthday party with some great people in town and then we also had one at my mom's.  It is so awesome how although we live away from most of our family our children are not forgotten about on special days.  We have awesome family!  Now if they could just move to Montana ;)

March of Dimes

We did the March of Dimes walk in May.  This walk means a lot to me as most of you know that my first son was born at 26 weeks.  We have wanted to walk it since he was born but this was the first year we were here for it.  I hope to make it every year.  Mark wasn't able to get off for it but we were joined by some great people.  Lindsey and Eli (Lindsey was in the NICU the same time we were with her son Eli), Kailie (a NICU nurse and good friend) and one of Kailie's friends.  Thank you to all of our friends and family that donated for this walk.  It was greatly appreciated!  I reached my personal goal to get a t-shirt ;)

Lindsey is so talented that she made us team shirts.  We were the Super E's!  They turned out great!  We joked that Ethan and Eli looked like Where's Waldo in the striped shirts.

Kailie carried Morgan in the backpack while I pushed Ethan in the stroller.  It was so nice that I didn't have to do both!  Thanks Kailie!


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